Friday, 24 February 2012

Dear States of Jersey,

Whilst I appreciate that you are all so busy these days what with having to read so many blogs just so you know what is going on, making up excuses for the delay in the Committee of Inquiry, playing cat and mouse with survivors over compensation for all that abuse that you would like us all to believe never really happened and of course trying to avoid any awkward questions regarding a certain sacking I would appreciate an answer to the following....


I know you have them as 2 years ago when I was interviewed by sojp they had a school photo which they said was in my records so where have they gone in the meantime?

You could say 'we never had them' but that wouldnt wash would it because that would mean the nice man from sojp was lying, oh, but wait, that would suit you wouldnt it.

You could say 'there has been an administrive error and we seem to have misplaced them' now that would be believable with the state of the current administration but improbable I think.

More likely, and I'm sure you would never admit this, you are busy scouring them and removing anything that could possibly hurt you, or, perhaps you just buried them under a very big pile of crap in the hope that I will forget about them but I wont.

I'm really wondering now what it is that you dont want me or my lawyer to see, what lies are in there?

Come on now, no more delays, just grow some balls and lets be having the records, 



  1. I wish you the very best of luck, because you are not the only one whose records have magically disappeared.

  2. It will be interesting in how the States of Jersey explain away missing Police evidence.

    I hope you get this sorted quickly.

  3. This should be covered under Human Rights, surely?

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