Saturday, 3 September 2011

Astrid Kisch - A Personal Response

Dear Miss Kisch,

I doubt you will read this, however I feel compelled to address some of what you have written in your letter to the Jersey Evening Post.

1. 'The alleged perpetrators of the care home discipline of those days have been convicted'

There is no 'alleged' about it, several people have been convicted in a court of law, case closed! I really don't know where you are going with the 'care home discipline of those days' thing, Are you really saying that the 'discipline' handed out by those people was acceptable because it happened in the past? I don't think having bars of soap forced down your throat, being dragged down flights of stairs by your hair, being punched, sexually abused, locked in a cell, mentally abused and living every day in fear of those who are supposed to be caring for you is acceptable in any decade.

2. 'so the revenge part has been dealt with and the wrongs righted-at great expense to the taxpayer'.

I cant speak for all the survivors, but, on my part 'revenge' never entered into it, All I have ever wanted was justice. I'm sorry but the wrongs done to me will never, I repeat, NEVER be righted, they will stay with me til the day I pass from this earth. As for the expense all I can say is 'what price justice?'

3. 'The care leavers have grown up and made their lives a long time ago'.

Really, are you serious? I am 50 years old and what happened to me as a child has impacted on my life everyday since. I have suffered depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness. I have struggled to maintain relationships, even struggled with being a father, can you even imagine what it is like to be scared to bond with your own children.
And let us remember those who never 'made their lives' but chose to end them.

4. 'Now, I understand, they are asking for 'compensation' by which I assume they mean money'.

I wanted an apology, not some half cocked heartless excuse for one but a real one. I wanted someone to stand up and say 'we believe you and we are sorry' As that has not been forthcoming from those in power I felt I had no choice but to pursue compensation.
No amount of money can compensate for the years of pain!

5. 'Why do other people i.e.the taxpayers,have to give them money and for what purpose?'

Haut De La Garenne - Run by the States of Jersey
Staff at HDLG - employed by the States of Jersey
States of Jersey - elected and employed by you the taxpayer

Need I say anymore.

I urge you to take up the offer by the JCLA and actually talk to survivors like me and then maybe, just maybe you will begin to understand.

A proud Survivor


  1. Well said Ozzy, but as you say no doubt this person (sorry I can't call her a lady because no woman would have this attitude towards children) will not read any of the comments on the blogs.

    Why do you not send this to the JEP or to her direct because she needs some lessons in compassion.

  2. Ozzy.

    Like yourself. In an Abuse Survivor's own WORDS.

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