Sunday, 6 March 2011

My next few blogs will feature some of my poetry, I'm not a pro so please bear with me as I have tried to put things to paper that are very emotional for me.


Alone, bewildered, scarred

a little boy lost

that's how I arrived

taken from school

'for my own good'.

Driven by car

by a faceless social worker

whose name I long forget

through unknown lanes

enveloped in loneliness.

All too soon

there you stood

in all your granite majesty

your imposing stature

too much for my young mind

to take in.

Your cold exterior

matched only by your sterile inside

you should have been my haven

but all that you did

was extinguish my spirit

and stifle my cries.

Allan Shepherd 2010


  1. Ozzy.

    Thanks for this poem and continuing to tell it from the perspective of a survivor. I just hope some of those politicians who are trying to cover this all up will read this and consider it before they vote for concealment.

  2. Powerful and heart rending words Ozzy. No need to be a pro when it comes straight from the heart.

  3. I totally agree with VFC. I used a poem on a previous posting and like yours is so very touching and should be read by all states members.

    Keep posting them Ozzy

    Rico Sorda

  4. Thank you for that Ozzy, read it four times and got a real feel of the journey and the arrival. Reminded me of the first time I went to prison when I was 15, trepidation and worry.

    Looking forward to reading more, it is helpful to understand your feelings and to know where your courage emerged.

    Onward, and upward, toward the sun. :)

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