Monday, 19 July 2010

Personal attacks prompt Warcup resignation

Statement of Jersey's Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand - 19/07/10

"Sir I rise to inform the States that the Acting Chief of Police, David Warcup has informed me that he is no longer willing to be considered for the post of Chief Officer, States of Jersey Police and that as a result he will be leaving the force on 31st December 2010.

It is with great regret that I have accepted his decision. I have asked the Greffier to circulate a copy of his statement which is now on Members desks.

Members will know that I lodged a Proposition in March of this year in which I asked the States to agree to his appointment. Mr Warcup was originally appointed under Appointments Commission oversight. At that time he was assessed against the requirements of the Chief Officer of Police post. He was therefore appointed with the express commitment that he would become the Chief Officer subject to a further assessment at that time and subject to the agreement of the States.

I confirm that Mr Warcup has demonstrated his ability and suitability during his time as Acting Chief Officer and this has been validated by the panel chaired by the Appointments Commission.

I am therefore extremely disappointed that the delay and subsequent politicisation of the process has resulted in his decision to leave the States of Jersey Police.

As Home Affairs Minister, I have worked with Mr Warcup for the past 19 months. I have found him to be a man of integrity with a deep understanding of Policing in all of its aspects.

He has demonstrated his ability to manage and motivate police officers in order to improve performance and increase the professionalism of the Force. What has most impressed has been his selfless commitment, regardless of the personal consequences, to expose the failings that have been identified by the Metropolitan Police and Wiltshire in order that justice could be served.

I would also like to recognise that Mr Warcup has shown his empathy for policing in a small island community and under his leadership, with my full support, the Police Force is starting to demonstrate a real recognition that effective policing is not done to a community, but only with the support of the community.

I am extremely saddened that events of recent months have resulted in the loss of an extremely able and committed officer who I believe would have lead the States of Jersey Police to become a more effective Police Force.

Whilst I am saddened by the loss of Mr Warcup, we have secured his services until 31st December 2010 in order to manage as smooth a transition as possible to a new Chief Police Officer.

Under the Appointments Commission oversight, I will be starting the appointment process immediately and I hope to have secured the appointment of a suitably experienced and qualified officer by the end of September. This should allow the new Chief of Police to be in post at or very soon after Mr Warcup's departure.

I think that we as the States' elected representatives must seriously reflect on our roles in the events of recent months and how we will avoid any similar repetition in the future.

I hope that Members of the Assembly will join with me in thanking Mr Warcup for his selfless and unstinting commitment to serving the Community of Jersey and that we will all wish him well for the future."

Statement of David Warcup, Acting Chief Officer, States of Jersey Police - 19/07/10

"Following discussions with the Minister for Home Affairs, I have advised the Minister that I no longer wish to be considered for the post of Chief Officer, States of Jersey Police and that I will be leaving the force on 31st December 2010.

In April 2008, I was appointed as Deputy Chief Officer, with the express intention that I would progress to be the next Chief Officer when the serving Chief Officer retired, no later than December 2010. The selection process involved an assessment against the full requirement for the post of Chief Officer and was overseen by the States of Jersey Appointments Commission.

In January 2010, a further review and formal assessment process was carried out by a review panel consisting of the Minister for Home Affairs, a representative of the Appointments Commission, the Chief Executive and the Director of Human Resources.

As a result of the assessment, the panel made a strong recommendation, endorsing the proposal that I be appointed to the post of Chief Officer on the retirement of the existing post holder.
It has therefore been my reasonable expectation since April 2008, that I would succeed the Chief Officer, Mr Power, on his retirement.

I am grateful for the support of the Minister, but I have made it clear to him that the primary reasons for leaving are due to the political hostility which has been directed towards me, the attacks on my personal integrity and the resultant delays in securing my appointment.

In recent months there has been a concerted effort to challenge my integrity and to postpone my appointment. It is apparent that no consideration was given to the impact that such actions would have on both me and my family.
The role of the Chief Officer of Police has been drawn into a heavily politicised debate, the outcome of which has been the failure to secure my appointment in accordance with the previously publicised commitment in April 2008.

The unfounded accusations from a small number of people concerning my conduct during the Historical Abuse Inquiry as well accusations made relating to my role in the suspension of the Chief Officer were malicious and unfounded. The publication of reports following enquiries by Wiltshire Police, clearly vindicate my position in raising what were serious concerns regarding the conduct of the Historical Abuse Inquiry.

I believe that I have acted at every stage, honestly, as well as demonstrating courage in challenging those matters which were manifestly wrong and could have potentially prejudiced trials.

In the face of provocation and persistent attempts to undermine my authority as the Acting Chief Officer of Police, I believe that I have acted professionally, maintaining a focus on my role in ensuring that the force performed effectively, protecting the public and preventing and detecting crime. The results achieved by the force during the period in question amply demonstrate this.

I have always maintained that the police should be fully accountable, but that they should be free from political interference. It is also a basic tenet of policing that any Police force must be operationally independent if it is to deliver professional and impartial policing, but equally we can only police with the consent of the public.

The actions of a few have only served to undermine the position of the Chief Officer and therefore my mandate to carry out that role independently and effectively. On this basis I believe my ability to undertake the role of Chief Officer within the States of Jersey has been undermined to the point where it would be untenable and was therefore a significant factor in my decision not to take up the post.

It is my fervent hope that whoever is appointed Chief Officer of Police, is afforded the freedom and respect to enable him or her, to carry out their duties within a properly structured accountability framework without the interference which has been such a significant part of events in recent months.

It is with great disappointment that I leave the officers and staff who work for the States of Jersey Police, who despite difficult circumstances have worked with professionalism to deliver high quality policing services.

I am grateful for their support and commitment over the last 21 months as Acting Chief Officer, and I believe that together we have made significant progress in ensuring that the Force is better placed to deliver effective policing in Jersey."


  1. Ozzy.

    You are an abuse survivor, and I think it is important to get the views of survivors, even if the "accredited" media don't!

    What are your thoughts on the departure of David Warcup? and what are your thoughts on the treatment, by our government, of Graham Power?

    And lastly who, if any of them gained your confidence and trust, as a survivor, Harper and Power, or Warcup and Gradwell?

  2. Hi VFC,
    Yes I am a survivor of HDLG and I have tried to remain as neutral as possible regarding all this but, of course I have an opinion and since you asked I'll reply.

    What are your thoughts on the departure of David Warcup?

    Good Ridance, as far as I can see He has done little to lead the SoJP forward, Most, if not all of the prosecutions to date were brought about by the Harper/Power regime. I think he has been used as a pawn in an effort by others to try and Hush up what has gone on in Jersey for decades.

    what are your thoughts on the treatment, by our government, of Graham Power?

    In a word, diabolical, How is it that a child abuser is entitled to a fair trial and to mount a defence yet this man has not. Is Jersey a third world or communist block country where u are guilty because the government says so? Maybe they should have just gone the whole hog and held a public execution!

    And lastly who, if any of them gained your confidence and trust, as a survivor, Harper and Power, or Warcup and Gradwell?

    This is an easy one, Harper and Power.

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