Sunday, 10 January 2010

Paedophiles’ sentences ‘need review’

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

PAEDOPHILES’ sentences should be reviewed now that there is a greater awareness of the extent of victims’ suffering, according to the Home Affairs Minister.

Senator Ian Le Marquand said that the historical abuse inquiry had made people more appreciative of how victims of sexual abuse can be affected.

He will be discussing sentencing parameters with the Bailiff, Michael Birt, later this year. ‘There may be a case for reconsideration for paedophile offences and I will be looking into it,’ he said. ‘But these matters are up to the courts and all I can do is act as a catalyst.

‘What has changed is that there’s far greater realisation of the serious psychological damage suffered by victims. I don’t think it is a matter that was really appreciated until the last five years.’

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