Sunday, 25 October 2009


I was at a funeral yesterday, a friend who passed in his sleep recently. He was a quiet and private man but he was an alcoholic and in the end it killed him. Whilst I was sat in the crematorium I thought how sad is this, only ten people including the vicar attending, can this really be the sum of a mans life?

It has caused me to reflect on my own life, or more to the point where its at right now. Here I am 48 years old, failed marriage, failed business, failing health, lonely, isolated, homeless and broke. The only upside are my 3 wonderful children without whom I may have given up long ago.

I am without doubt a product of the 70's care system in Jersey, locked away or my own good, labelled as 'a difficult child', subjected to mental and physical abuse, deprived of love and affection and sadly unable to cope with life and relationships.

However, I wont give up, for the one thing I gained whilst in care was my inner spirit and strength. So, like the phoenix I will rise again and as the song says 'THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER!'


  1. Keep strong Ozzy, there is a lot of people out here that are biting at the heels of the establishment.
    We will get answers about the disastrous care facilities that have gone unchecked for years, you will have your day.

  2. A few words for you Ozzy, they helped me out pal.

    "When things have gone wrong, fear not, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any time that you choose. Fore this thing we call failure, is not the falling down, but the staying down."

    Kindest Regards Ian

  3. Ozzy - my heart goes out to you. My own father, also a very private and clever man had a problem with alcohol which also culminated in his death.

    He also died alone, but you know Ozzy, and from my own very dark experiences of life, if you are at rock bottom, the only way is up, and there are people out there that really DO care.

    It's not all bad, the best things in life are free you know, birds, trees, nature, friendships and as you so rightly say your children.

    Keep strong and maybe you will be able to come to the Rally on Monday where you will meet lots of caring people.

    Very best wishes - Jill

  4. Chin up Ozzy - like Jill my heart goes out to you. I will be at Monday's Rally, wondering how long it will be before they make rally's a criminal offense just so they can lock us all up in one go.

    I know so many people who have been fitted up over here for crimes they haven't committed, people who have lost their children from the stupid actions of the SS, who it appears don't know how to do anything about real pedo's of the past.

    I know people who have fled this island of their birth in fear of losing their children, being picked on unreasonably by our SS.

    I personally am considering leaving the island at some future point in time, as the powers that be are never going to let me have a real life in the island, everyone else can build around my land, but I am left in a States shoebox for no good reason, and I am not alone.

    Maybe we should all get together and buy a boat and go for asylum to Australia, we could start up our own community out there and live in peace for a change, instead of being hounded and dumped on here, lol, sorry I have this soap box and when I get on it I cannot stop.

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