Monday, 3 August 2009

Questions for my readers

OK I have a couple of questions that I need answers to, I'm hoping someone will have the answers.

Q1.) Having given two lengthy interviews to the abuse enquiry team am I entitled to ask for a copy of the tapes or paper statements from them? If so, how would I do this or would I need a solicitor to act on my behalf.

Q2.) Am I entitled (as is the case in UK) to have access to files kept on me whilst in care/HDLG (if they exist) and how would I go about this?

If anyone can help i will appreciate it greatly


  1. Allan.

    Sorry, haven't got a clue but i'm sure if you were to post your questions on Stuarts Blog you will get the answers.

  2. I know you can apply for your records at social services by completing a data access form and payment of £10.00. Write to the head of social services requesting this and they will send a request form to you. Or phone the governance officer at the general hospital.

  3. For police interview, I am unsure as you are a witness. Contact the police station and request a copy of the tape, do you have the form with the tape reference number on it?

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