Thursday, 4 June 2009

Two historic abuse cases dropped

Two cases in the Jersey historic abuse enquiry will not be prosecuted after they were dropped "for legal and evidential reasons".

The first case involved an employee who used to work at the former Haut de la Garenne children's home.

The second case involved house parents of a former St Clement children's home.

Jersey's Attorney General, William Bailhache said he had not found sufficient grounds to prosecute in either case.

Nine alleged victims gave evidence about the Haut de la Garenne case but Mr Bailhache questioned the credibility of some of it.

He also said the complaints did not support each other enough.

The couple who ran the former St Clement children's home, now live in France and attempts to interview them have been unsuccessful.

Charges against the couple were dropped by the island's Attorney General in 1998 and the current Attorney General said he had not found sufficient evidence for overturning his predecessor's decision.

Those claiming to be victims in the two separate alleged abuse cases which have now been dropped were notified by police on Wednesday night that their cases would not be going any further.

Historic abuse investigations are still ongoing in Jersey however, with three cases currently going through the island's court system.

(BBC Jersey)

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