Monday, 16 March 2009

Perchard admits he lied!

So, Jersey health minister Jim Perchard has admitted swearing at Senator Stuart Syvret in the States last week. Not only that he admits telling Senator Stuart Syvret to ‘slit his wrists’ in a previous incident.
He lied to the bailif, the house and the public when he denied saying anything to Sen Syvret!

Will he resign - I doubt it
Will he be punished by the house - not likely
Will it be all brushed under the carpet - probably

As far as I can see Sen Perchard your position is is untenable and no doubt if the roles were reversed, you would be calling for Senator Syvret’s head.

By the way wasn’t Senator Syvret sacked as Health Minister for far less offensive remarks?

By the way Stuart if you read this good luck at the High Court.

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