Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Silent Peaceful March.

Dear All

ref Silent Peaceful March.

We would like to let you all know that there will be a Silent Peaceful March taking place at Midday on APRIL 25th in support of the JCLA & all victims of Abuse Past & Present..

The route will be from Peoples park to the Royal Square with the Emphasis being on Silent & Peaceful, along the lines of the Belgium White March.

White ribbons will be handed out to all those who wish to show their support by wearing one.

We hope everyone will take the time out to come along and show support.

For more details you can contact us at


rs and Carrie

Another cover up in Jersey?

From 'This is Jersey'

THE States police are reviewing the files of an alleged potential mass murderer who worked as a ward nurse at Jersey’s General Hospital.
Almost ten years ago to the day that investigating police officers raised serious concerns that the male nurse could have killed 13 patients – and possibly more – officers are reopening the case.
Their move follows claims made on the internet blog of Senator Stuart Syvret, who has published police reports and court documents from the time.
The former Health Minister is alleging that despite strong police evidence and recommendations that the nurse should have been investigated for alleged mass murder, the case was dropped by the then Attorney General, Michael Birt, who will take over as the Island’s Bailiff in June.

Yet again 'the old boy network' show they are prepared to do anything to protect themselves. I wonder how many more skeletons are lurking in their cupboards.

Have you noticed how well they have managed to 'hush up' the historical abuse inquiry.
A quote from Stuarts blog....

"I understand Mick Gradwell was trying to insinuate that it would be easier to drop allegations and take the compensation at the JCLA meeting last night!"

Shame on him! I hope and pray that most of the Care Leavers have more sense than to fall for what amounts to a sugar-coated gagging order

Proud Survivor

I for one want to see justice done, no amount of money can make up for the destruction of a life,and believe me it does affect you forever!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Perchard admits he lied!

So, Jersey health minister Jim Perchard has admitted swearing at Senator Stuart Syvret in the States last week. Not only that he admits telling Senator Stuart Syvret to ‘slit his wrists’ in a previous incident.
He lied to the bailif, the house and the public when he denied saying anything to Sen Syvret!

Will he resign - I doubt it
Will he be punished by the house - not likely
Will it be all brushed under the carpet - probably

As far as I can see Sen Perchard your position is is untenable and no doubt if the roles were reversed, you would be calling for Senator Syvret’s head.

By the way wasn’t Senator Syvret sacked as Health Minister for far less offensive remarks?

By the way Stuart if you read this good luck at the High Court.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

THE States resembled a school playground yesterday

From the JEP

Article posted on 11th March, 2009 - 3.00pm

States in shambles


THE States resembled a school playground yesterday as foul language and personal insults flew across the Chamber.

After days of personal animosities being vented in e-mails between States Members, the tensions erupted publicly in a bitter question time. Senator Stuart Syvret stopped proceedings in mid-flow to complain to the Deputy Bailiff, Michael Birt, that the Health Minister was whispering abusive language in his ear. He alleged that Senator Jim Perchard had told him to ‘go and top himself’.

A few moments later, Housing Minister Terry Le Main was accused of fraud by Deputy Shona Pitman.
Mr Birt, who was chairing the sitting, called on the St Helier Deputy to retract her allegations, but she repeatedly refused. Her attack was echoed by her husband, Jersey Democratic Alliance chairman Deputy Trevor Pitman, who questioned Senator Le Main’s integrity and competence.

The unpleasant exchanges began during question time as Environment Minister Freddie Cohen was answering a question. Senator Syvret stood up and said: ‘On a point of order, I am sorry to interrupt the minister. But the minister to my right, Senator Perchard, is saying in my ear “you are full of f*****g s**t, why don’t you go and top yourself, you bastard”.’

Senator Perchard immediately responded by saying: ‘I absolutely refute that. I am just fed up with this man making up allegations against people. I just wish he would not.’

Pictured: Senators Jim Perchard and Stuart Syvret

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