Saturday, 24 January 2009

An open letter to States members

RE: Historical abuse investigation.

One day my ex wife rings me and says 'you better turn on the tv as I think the home you were in is on the news', To my shock and horror she's right, there on the screen is that place which caused me so much heartache as a child, I listen as the report says that they are investigating child abuse at the former childrens home and the memories begin to explode in my head.

I spend the next week or so anguishing over contacting the police, my life seems on hold and the nightmares begin again. Finally I pluck up the courage to email the team led by Mr Harper. Soon after the police team contact me and an arrangment is made for them to come and do an interview/statement.

The first interview lasts some 3 hours and is one of the most harrowing expieriences of my life, as I talk the memorys come flooding back and I find myself talking to 2 complete strangers about things that had happened some 35 years ago, painfull things, things that I had buried deep in the far recesses of my mind. Some time after this interview I am contacted again, can they see me again, reluctantly I agree and another 3 hour session happens.
I have to say that on both occasions I was put at ease by the officers concerned.
Now I have to say that during the time that Mr harper was in charge I was regurly contacted by the investgating team, often just checking I was ok and sometimes to keep me informed of what was happening. This effort by them was much appreciated by me.

However, since the new command regime has taken over I have not been contacted at all and now I begin to ask if the cases have just been abandoned, once again to be swept under the carpet of the states building. Are you really so stupid as to think that we will go away? Are you so blinded by your desire to hang on to power that you are prepared to do anything to rubbish the investigation and thwart the possibilty of convictions? Or are you just so scared that your house of cards is going to come crashing down around you?

I have only one question that I would like you, states members, to answer.....

WHY HAVE YOU ABANDONED US? File-Sharing News And Information