Thursday, 11 September 2008

what a year its been! (Part 2)

So, having had my heart 'fixed' by the surgeons and being well into my recovery my poor heart gets well and truly broken!!! Let me explain.....
15 years ago I married my true love, not just my true love but my soul mate. I'm not going to kid myself or you and say it was the easiest marriage but 13 years on we were still together. I suppose it was inevitable that we would seperate, it really was one of those 'cant live with her, cant live without her' relationships. Anyway, I really believed (somewhat foolishly it now seems) that we would get it together and make another go of it. Then my world fell apart when she announced that she had found somone new (on the internet!) and that she wanted a divorce so she could marry him. Had I been stronger both physically and mentally maybe I would have fought harder but as it is I just gave up and gave her what she wanted, no fighting or any of that nonsense. I guess I thought it would be easy to just 'walk away', how wrong was I!
I still love her and I guess I always will but time moves on and as time goes by it becomes a little easier to bare.

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  1. YOU are the living proof that when love is the real thing, it just cannot be turned on and off simply like an electric light bulb! - That really is in the domain of raw sex and nothing else.You are also the living proof that nobody can possess another, ever! It's a difficult lesson to learn; no harm in hoping ... just beware of the expecting! You are the one who has triumphed in the heart-ache. You speak about Haut de la Garenne; they tell us the whole damned story is make believe - columns and columns of smoke billowing up to indicate there was not one single spark of fire anywhere!
    It is for YOU now to put every single syllable of what happened to you in the public domain, or become party to the obvious cover-up or lie; depending on where your particular truth is.

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